Goodall's First Bullet

When I asked my husband if I can get into this NSTRA stuff he said sure...
I replied, "Ok, but only if I get my own dog... " He was ok with that... as long as I didnt get
a Brittany... Well as you can see, I immediately started looking for one with the best
breeding I could find... and here is Bug.

At 14 months, she has already proven herself in the field on pheasants and in the Amateur division
by obtaining a 1st and a 2nd in one trial and qualified for regionals as well as in the Big Sky division.
She is a bird finding machine and an amazing companion

I am hoping big things happen with my little Bug...

Registered Nbr: SR76510406 Registered Name: GOODALL'S FIRST BULLET

 Callname: BUG Breed: Brittany Date Whelped: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Sire: BEELINE BULLET'S OXIDATION Dam: SHELBY GIRL MOSSY ROCK Number of Times Amateur Champion: 0 Date of Championship: N\A Total Amateur Points: 5